Project Butter

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Plain and simple: Weight loss and muscle toning, Phase 1. I noticed that I’ve gained roughly 20lbs over the past 2 years. From a stable 130lbs to sad, slob state of 150lbs. Take note, I stand at 5’4″ and although, yes, there are people who have it far worse doesn’t mean I’m going to let it come to the worst possible scenario before I do something.

A lot of stuff has happened over the past year that’s gone by. Good things, bad things and everything in between. Most of it still doesn’t make sense but at this point, I’ve learned it’s best not to sweat the small stuff. So I’m determined to make this year the best I can make it. Although it was slow at first, but things are starting to turn in my favor.

I’m going to work at a major name in the IT industry soon. The pay is promising. With that in mind, I should soon be able to afford a place of my own. I’ve been trying to enlist roomies among my friends so that rent won’t be such a pain in the ass. It’s going to be a long process but I’m determined to get this done.

So back to Project Butter. One of the first course of actions I’ve already done towards this goal is my controlled intake of food . I don’t just gobble food whenever I feel like it. Anymore, at least. Also, I’ve been doing what exercise I can at home when there’s time. Lastly, once I start that job and earn some more cash, I plan on heading to a gym on a regular basis.

It’s all plans for now, but I intend to see it through.


Another Day

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It’s been a few days since Maia kicked the bucket. I’ve been finding other means to keep myself sane. Although the boredom doesn’t really go away, I still find myself on the empty side of the fun box.

No fun indeed. *sob*

Since I’ll be waiting for the graduation hullabaloo to die down before I approach my college administrators again, I have time to kill. Too much time, really. Sure, there’s that YFC  Facilitator’s Training and eventual Youth Camp to attend to as well, but you can never have too much time to waste.

But seriously, I have a lot to do but trying to get them to make them work in an orderly fashion just isn’t going too well. I just haven’t tried to organize everything, I s’pose. Lesson learned: Stop, Think, Organize. I never seem to do this enough but I don’t really seem to get around to doing it as a habit.

Good lawd, there’s also the Vindictan outing which is also something which I need to give some thought as well. Not that I’m supposed to organize it but trying to help out with it is something I ought to do.

The world is starting to spin really fast and I’m not sure if I can keep up. Time to slow down and make sure I’m still breathing.


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It wasn’t too long ago since I first met Maia. I met her through my sister but I didn’t really call her that back then. We weren’t all too close at the time. Actually, I was the one who gave her that nick name. It was about 7 years ago, if I remember right. She first visited the house and I was immediately overjoyed. Something told me that we were going to get along just fine.

But I didn’t really give in at first. My focus was on other things like school and the PS2. Sure, sometimes, If I had some trouble at school I’d occasionally turn to Maia. It wasn’t a regular thing but I felt myself drawn more and more each time.

We all loved Maia. Me and my siblings would hang out with Maia on different occasions. She was definitely special but moreso to me. But we got even closer after my folks left for the US. At that time, it was only the two of us and Tsukasa; the white cat. Maia was there with me mourning when Tsukasa left for the big litter box in the sky.

We had good times. From the near non-stop Ragnarok Online days and even until recently, games and the internet were some of the things that probably bonded me and Maia the most. Even when Maia’s been through some tough times, she still manages to give her all. So I now regret not showing more concern and care for her. But its too late.

I say this with sadness in my heart…

Maia, my faithful computer, has kicked the bucket.

Sorbetera’s Sexy Time Tips!

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Let it be known that I am a legitimate blogger posting here and I did not hijack Serudanth’s account. I have his permission to post here as a guest blogger. HEH!

So because I have more freedom here (yes, I do. my parents read my blog) I’m going to post like fukken crazy here. For my guest blog posts, may I present:

Sorbetera’s Sexy Time Tips!

Tip #1: How to kiss without getting spit all over your partner’s face

Okay, don’t you absolutely hate it when you’re kissing a slob? Some people just don’t know how to kiss without drooling all over their partner’s mouth. I mean, I can understand that you have to open your mouth a little bit. Kissing with your lips tightly closed is just… LOL. Anyway, make sure to swallow your spit before diving in. You can likewise swallow your spit while you’re in the middle of the kiss. You just have to be subtle about it. When you pucker up and purse your lips, swallow all the spit and then breathe. That way, you’d be ready for more action, without all the slobber!

That’s it for today! If you’re going to ask me why in the nine fucking hells am I posting sexy time tips, I… really don’t have an answer for you. I just thought this place needs a little heat. Heh! I’ll be posting the juicy ones next time!

Anyway, you probably don’t know me but I do know your friend Serudanth here. He has been my “buddy” for around 5 years. We’ve been going back and forth awesomeness and shit that finally we’re on the mainstream of “steady as a fucking rock”.  This dude here knows a whole lot about me. He’s practically my boyfriend only, you know, without the sex. Okay, okay so I’m kidding! Do not kill me!

Heh. In any case, he is an awesome friend and now we have decided to do/make guest posts. Isn’t it fun!! So instead of the usual snarky stuff you’d see in Another Garden, you’ll be pleasantly disgusted to see me polluting this place with FAIL! If you want to see more fail, this is where I dump all my shit in.

Oops… Serudanth is here. Gotta go! Bai!

Feb Rundown

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February has a pretty interesting lineup of stuff for me to do so far. First up is my report on Article VI of the 1987 Philippine Constitution. Actually, that is what’s been keeping me busy these past few days. I know that I wanted to make this regular but I really needed to work on it. Thanks to a big tip from maggiemagz, I was able to find a better approach on the matter. Unfortunately, my monumental effort was somewhat in vain because my presentation was moved to the next meeting.

On the bright side, I was permitted to take the special exam and will be taking it on the day of my presentation. Since my report is more or less done, I can dedicate more time to studying.

The next thing I’m looking forward to would be my high school homecoming which promises to be fun. Last year’s was fun and there’s really something about it makes it a lot more fun than your average party. It’s probably that feeling of nostalgia since I don’t get to see my high school campus very often.

There’s a hole in my calendar though. It’s after the 13th and before the 15th. I can’t remember what was supposed to be there. Something tells me that there might be something there but I can’t put my finger on it. Oh well, it’s probably nothing important. If there’s a hole there, it can’t possibly be anything worth the effort of remembering.

That aside, the last days of regular class are going to end with the month. I hear that the final exams are coming up this March. I’m only one month away from the home stretch of tertiary education and two months off from “the big day”. This is it. It’s finally happening.

Graduation draws closer and closer. I’ll finally be able to hold the fabled piece of paper that’s said to be able to grant you a bright future. A college diploma is what I believe it was called. The time is now. It’s do or die.

The Anti-Fun

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Have you ever had the unfortunate opportunity to meet someone who has the uncanny ability to suck the fun out of almost everything? Maybe. Hopefully not, but probably. Sometimes it’s that new co-worker rubbing you the wrong way or maybe that irregular student who tags along and annoys everyone. Whoever it is, the fact remains: fun-killer. And I’m sure we all would have this reaction:

Yes, this means YOU.

Unfortunately, we can’t just wish them away nor can we “put them away” without any really bad shit happening. I can’t completely shun them though. It’s my belief that maybe these people don’t do it on purpose and are simply victims of their own ignorance. So I don’t believe that we should take it against them. Well, not completely.

However, we can’t deny the damage that they do. One moment, you enjoy something with your friends then the Anti-Fun joins. All that remains is awkward silence and a happy idiot; completely oblivious to the tumbleweed populace that just rolled by. Annoying yet pitiful.

Maybe there should be a school that re-educates people who have social interaction issues. Just imagine something like a Mental Institute but instead of dealing with the retarded… well, I suppose it just might be like dealing with the retarded so no problem there. Back to the point, they’d be teaching these Anti-Fun agents about taking a hint and not butting into fun moments. Who knows, there could be a rehab center for them and they could return to society as normal fun-capable citizens!

Oh, what a future that would be. The world that rehabilitates Anti-Fun agents and saving the rest of the world moments that give people the urge to kill another human being. If this little idea sparks into reality, the future looks bright and fun.

Anger and Strategies

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It’s human nature and as my professor put it earlier today, “in every single part of our humanity”. Yes, it is anger. He began our lecture with an example that probably made all our hearts skip a beat or two (depending on how easily you’re frightened). The perpetually smiling monk of the abbey suddenly had a look on his face that screamed “I will fucking send you to hell” shortly after the noise from the next-door classroom began to make echoes in our own. He walked out and punched the door open as he made his way to our unruly neighbors.

This was followed by a short session of “humiliate your students” and after all was said and done, he reverted back to his ol’ smiling self and succeeded in jolting the class back into gear. What an act. Whether or not he planned it all from the start, it worked like magic. I almost fell off my seat when he projected on the monitor what our lecture today was about.

It’s an interesting topic. He basically wrapped it up with a brief talk about an excerpt from “The 33 Strategies of War” by Robert Greene. A book which I plan on buying someday along with The 48 Laws of Power and The Art of Seduction. What he quoted was the Counter-Balance Strategy which said to never lose your presence of mind especially when surrounded by turmoil.

Although I read the strategies from the back of the book, I’d never thought about it in the way he had explained it. Thinking outside of the box when in a crisis is something which probably eludes many of us most of the time; myself included. After his lecture, I find myself thinking about everything he talked about (except maybe that short segment that he included about smoking etiquette afterwards).

I can think rationally most of the time, but when crunch time comes I lose my cool just like anyone does. Someday I hope that I’d be able to keep my mind sharp regardless of the situation. Someday.